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Archived Messages


Big Picture (Full Moon) Reality Report

December 1st 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation Series Big Picture (Full Moon) Reality Report *The Light Surges ~ The Alliance Unites!* As above, so below; more light, less dark. The veil is thinning and heaven is winning. *FEATURING: The Art of Love and War:* - November Review => Dec. Preview; - Battle for the Soul of the Republic; - Global ‘Wising Up’ and Rising Up; - Calling in the Angels~Angles of    Cosmic LOVE. CONTINUED at: *Full Moon Reality Report* ...Continue Reading

Personal Message

November 24th 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation Series WHAT IS THE GREAT RESET? Compendium In Three Parts with Five Videos:  1- */“The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On an Unsuspecting Public”/* 2- */“The Greatest Crime in the History    of this Country” /*(and World)  3- The Great Reset vs Great Awakening:  How Deep State medical Martial law    utilizes fear-based tyranny tactics that get us to surrender core freedoms for  health until fear forges our fetters and we lose both freedom and our ...Continue Reading

Urgent Alert - This is an American Coup

November 14th 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation Series Urgent Alert - This is an American Coup *An Active U.S. Coup Takeover is in Process - A Revolution Against Our Constitution and the Republic*  Mainstream media independence has been compromised and otherwise subverted by the Deep State corporatocracy that serves giant monopolies such as Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Tech, and the Big War  industries whose corporate laws state that  the stockholders (owners) come before the public when corporate profits are at ...Continue Reading

Global Reset to Heaven or Hell?

November 9th 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation Series *Global Reset to Heaven or Hell?* *What New World Order Do They Want? And Who Is ‘They’?* *It’s time for the masks to come off, but FIRST the mask covering up THE PLANDEMIC PERPS.* *It’s time to identify, track and trace power elite plandemic perpetrators at the highest level of collaborative tyranny over the hearts and minds of ‘US’ United Sovereigns of Earth.* *The Big Event is morphing FAST.* *Important new compendium of videos and articles at:* ** ...Continue Reading

Trump Prevails with Sting Operation

November 7th 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation Series *Trump Prevails with Sting Operation* *Sensational News of the Day Video of the Year!* Friday Nov 6th, 2020 ** *Heartcom Network* / On November 5th, 2020, Dr. Steve Pieczenick - InfoWars Intelligence Insider - explains how President Trump set-up Democrats with the */“largest sting operation in American history” /*to catch them stealing the 2020 election. As the video details, legit ballots in battleground states were watermarked and electronically tagged with what's called the QFS-bl ...Continue Reading

Three Important New Videos

November 4th 2020

*Three Important New Videos from the Last 48 Hours* *Plus /‘must see’/ videos of the week.* Take a break from election results tonight to watch some extraordinary truth-telling - with timely Revelations - that you’ll never see on lamestream TV. Compendium *HERE* ...Continue Reading

Healing Thoughtform for the Election

October 31st 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation Series Oct 31, 2020 / Full Moon Healing Thoughtform for the Election This being Halloween - and a Full Moon - I thought you might appreciate a compendium with a ‘spooky’ mix of light and love amidst the dark deceptive fear campaign pushing the ‘Global Domination Agenda’ (GDA), that has ramped up from false-flag plandemic to the extremely polarized presidential election. May your 20 20 vision conceive, believe and achieve this healing thoughtform for co-creating our election made sure at… * ...Continue Reading


October 28th 2020

2020s Global Co-Creation *CENSORSHIP OF YESTERDAY’S VIDEO* Many of you on my Heartcom Network responded to the important video link I sent yesterday to say that the Bitchute link had been censored. That’s shocking because Bitchute has been a reliable backup for videos that YouTube censors. THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT THIS BRILLIANT EXPOSE’ ON THE DEEP STATE IS… which is WHY they don’t want you to see it… and WHY you must watch the video *HERE* before it gets taken down. If that gets blocked, see also: ...Continue Reading


October 27th 2020

2020’s Global Co-Creation *THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT* Oct 24th, 2020 / Full Documentary *VIDEO OF THE YEAR – MUST WATCH* This is the greatest crime perpetrated against the American people in history – bar none! There are REAL national heroes in this video, and REAL national villains committing the highest level of unabashed treason… and you *will* be hearing about this. *Better to know about it now!* Moral courage - to go against the mob - is a rare trait. Aristo ...Continue Reading

Global Co-Creation - Two Compendiums to Contemplate

October 25th 2020

Making Sense of the Media Madness AND 20-20 Vision of Our Election Made Sure The Great Awakening is now occurring folks. The ancients knew of this time of Aquarius.   The Bible prophesied this time of tribulations leading to 5D Revelations - mass upwising -  via the Aquarian '2nd Coming' (Christ mass). All Ways LOVE … Always, Christopher ...Continue Reading


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